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    Suzhou fanghi Printing Co., Ltd
    Suzhou fanghi Printing Co., Ltd
    Years of credibility guarantee, focusing on label printing
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    Key word: Suzhou adhesive labelLabel manufacturersSelf adhesive label customization
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    17 years old label manufacturerBig brother of the industry

    According to your needs, customized production of all kinds of materials, uses, processes of self-adhesive labels

    It has many advanced label printing equipment such as PS plate printing machine, resin plate rotary machine and die-cutting machine, and powerful and perfect hardware facilities, which ensure the consistent quality and fast delivery time. It can receive urgent orders and deliver goods within 24 hours at the fastest

    Strong R & D capability
    Solve the technical problems that customers need in their work

    Gather industry professionals, with a skilled label printing technology team

    We have the strength to customize all kinds of labels for enterprises. According to the problems encountered in the work of enterprises, we can provide corresponding solutions in time and customize label products to meet the needs of customers

    Professional service teamSound service system

    Each customer is equipped with a professional customer service personnel, the implementation of one-to-one service

    According to the problems or requirements of customers, customer service personnel will arrange the production and technical departments to formulate solutions in time to meet the needs of customers

    The whole process tracking service, from design, proofing, finalization, production, inspection, delivery, to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers on time

    More stable quality and more favorable priceFang hi printing knows you better

    Factory direct sales, no intermediate links;

    School run enterprises, policy support, zero rent, zero management fees;

    Scale efficiency and lower cost

    How to store the security...
    After some anti-counterfeiting labels are put in the warehouse, it is found that they can't be used later. What mak...
    How to completely remove ...
    1. Wipe with an eraserPrinciple: rely on rubber fusion adhesive label.Method: use the eraser to wipe continuously, the p...
    How many kinds of label p...
    1、 What are the types of label printing1. Embossing this is the use of embossing technology to print self-adhesive l...
    What is the temperature r...
    1、 What is the effect of temperature on the label1. The storage temperature of the label should not be too low. The r...
    What are the requirements...
    Anti counterfeiting labels are widely used in all aspects of daily life, but there are certain requirements in the proce...
    How does the two-dimensio...
    Now the application scope of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is more and more wide, such as train tickets...
    How to make two-dimension...
    Many enterprises are quite concerned about their own brand benefits. When consumers buy products or seek services, they ...
    How to prevent the securi...
    Some customers have doubts that the anti-counterfeiting labels made in a company have been imitated, and there are man...

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    Suzhou fanghi Printing Co., Ltd 蘇ICP備2020069552號-1  
    Technical Support: CEALL
    Contact information

    Contact person: Miss Dai

    Mobile: 18261024520

    Tel: 0512-52584679

    E-mail: kshuatian@126.com

    Address: Zexing factory area, Renyang Jiangxiang Development Zone, Zhitang Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province (No. 35, Changsheng Industrial Park)


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